Established in London during the great South African diamond rush of the 1870's, Bonas is the longest established and most eminent Diamond Broking and Consultancy firm in the world. Now in its fifth generation, Bonas continues to deliver value for its customers from its worldwide network in every major diamond centre, including Antwerp, Dubai, Gaborone, Hong Kong, Johannesburg, London, Mumbai, New York, Surat and Tel Aviv.

Our global presence is complemented by a unique and detailed knowledge of every stage of the diamond pipeline, from mining, trading and purchasing of rough diamonds and diamond polishing, through to downstream channels such as jewellery manufacturing, retailing and consumer marketing.


Bonas is proud to count many of the world's leading and most important diamantaires as clients, producing between them over a quarter of the world's polished diamond output.

Employing experienced professionals from a wide range of cultural, business and technical backgrounds, Bonas operates in three distinct Business Areas:

  1. De Beers Relationship Management, where we support our clients' relationship with the sales and marketing arms of the De Beers Group of Companies;
  2. Value Chain Consulting, using our unrivalled experience and exceptional market knowledge to deliver value on a wide array of industry related projects to clients, including diamantaires, retailers, brands, governments and banks;
  3. Diamond Sales, leveraging our modern infrastructure, in-house systems and processes, and placing power to provide an easy route to the market and incomparable visibility to potential buyers.




Firestar Clearance Sale - Antwerp viewings: 

- 25 - 29 June (29 June 3pm CET)

Braúna mine

 Braúna - Antwerp viewings:

- 3 - 13 July (13 July 3pm CET)

- 28 August - 7 September (7 September 1pm CET)

- 12 - 22 November (23 November 1pm CET)

Lucara Diamond Corp : Karowe mine

Karowe - Botswana only viewings:

- 2 - 13 September (13 September 4pm CET)

- 3 - 13 December (13 December 4pm CET)

Mountain Province: Gahcho Kué mine

 Gahcho Kué - Antwerp viewings: 

- 16 - 26 July (27 July 3pm CET)

- 20 - 30 August (31 August 3pm CET)

- 24 September - 4 October (5 October 3pm CET)

- 24 October - 6 November (7 November 3pm CET)

Namakwa Diamonds: Kao mine

Kao - Antwerp viewings: 

- 17 - 28 September (1 October 3pm CET)

- 26 November - 6 December (7 December 3pm CET)

Stornoway Diamonds: Renard mine

Renard - Antwerp viewings:

- 2 - 12 July (12 July 4pm CET)

- 3 - 13 September (14 September 3pm CET)

- 9 - 19 October (22 October 3pm CET)

- 19 - 29 November (30 November 3pm CET)

    * Subject to change


If you wish to schedule an appointment, please contact our Antwerp office at:
+32 (0)3 233 70 80
diamondbrokers bonasgroup com


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