Centrally located in the heart of the restricted area of the Antwerp diamond district, our office is compliant with the most stringent security measures and the latest insurance requirements, and has several safes for diamond storage in addition to the vault in the basement of the building.

Premises offer eight modern and comfortable air-conditioned viewing rooms with sorting benches facing northern light for optimal diamond inspection. Each room is equipped with security cameras, telephone, high-speed wifi internet access, and all the necessary tools for diamond viewing. The office also has a dedicated separate administrative support area and a boardroom with video-conference facility.

Our diamond sales are usually conducted in Antwerp. However, depending on the seller's requirements, Bonas is capable of organising similar events in other trading centres, such as Dubai or Gaborone for instance.




Bonas Large Stone tender - Antwerp viewings:

- 22 - 26 October (26 October 3pm)

Braúna mine


Braúna - Antwerp viewings:

- 12 - 22 November (23 November 1pm CET)

Lucara Diamond Corp : Karowe mine

Karowe - Botswana only viewings:

- 3 - 13 December (13 December 4pm CET)

Mountain Province: Gahcho Kué mine

 Gahcho Kué - Antwerp viewings: 

- 24 October - 13 November (14 November 3pm CET)

- 3 December - 13 December (14 December 3pm CET)

Namakwa Diamonds: Kao mine

Kao - Antwerp viewings:

- 26 November - 6 December (7 December 3pm CET)

Stornoway Diamonds: Renard mine

Renard - Antwerp viewings:

- 9 - 19 October (22 October 3pm CET)

- 19 - 29 November (30 November 3pm CET)

    * Subject to change


If you wish to schedule an appointment, please contact our Antwerp office at:
+32 (0)3 233 70 80
diamondbrokers bonasgroup com


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