The depth of experience that Bonas has gained during its 140 years at the forefront of the diamond industry gives the firm a proven foundation from which to operate its gemstone sales.

Bringing the high standards governing the diamond market to the gemstone market, Bonas ensures its clients of a secure and transparent sales process.

Bonas has developed a full suite of services that reflect the unique needs of the natural gemstone market, but which still allow the company to provide a fast and cost-effective route to market without unexpected overheads.

Bonas tenders and auctions are increasingly seen by clients as complementing traditional methods of reaching potential customers.

Thorough pre-screening and due diligence on all participants is undertaken by the Bonas sales team.

Offering a full suite of services, gemstone tender and auctions sales at Bonas provide a fast and cost-effective route to market without unexpected overheads as clients have no need to set up a company or maintain an office.


With the leading polished gemstone centre being located primarily in Thailand and Hong Kong, Bonas has developed a platform that allows it to run tenders in, and close by to, the heart of the industry.  It has created a successful affiliation with Asia Gem Center in Bangkok and Jewellery Fair in Hong Kong, which helps provide logistical support on the ground.

Gemstone tenders, regardless of where in the world they are held, all benefit from the trusted and efficient commercial infrastructure that Antwerp offers.

Remote Deployment

Using its proprietary stock management and viewings systems, Bonas can, at very short notice, export its successful tender and auction model from Antwerp anywhere in the world, working with clients wherever viewings are most convenient and beneficial to them.

Regardless of location, Bonas carries out sales events to the very highest standards, backed up with robust marketing strategies.

To date, gemstone tenders have been held in regularly in both Hong Kong and Bangkok, alongside International trade-shows and as stand-alone.

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Transparency & Compliance

The integrity and transparency that underpin diamond tenders and auctions are also the basis for Bonas’s gemstone sales. Bonas applies proven guidance to the gemstone market and can offer its clients full traceability.


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