For almost 140 years, Bonas has been instrumental in helping clients understand and manage change in the diamond industry.

The Bonas family has been at the forefront of the diamond industry since the 1870's when Henry Bonas became one of the original founding families of the London Syndicate, which marketed the original output of De Beers Consolidated Mines. A member of the Bonas family has been at the helm of this renowned diamond broking firm ever since. Today, no other broking house can match our history, built up through five generations of success in advising clients, and we believe none can call on the same level of knowledge and expertise.

Bonas has a reputation for innovation and adaptation - in the 1950's we were one of the first firms to recognise the emergence of India as an important new diamond player and we were influential in organising the shift towards alternative production centres in the 1980's.

We continue to be acknowledged as a leading source of knowlegde and experience in the diamond industry, whether through our understanding of the increasingly important role of southern Africa and Dubai, or by striving to maintain integrity in our product through our leadership in the Responsible Jewellery Council (RJC).



Braúna mine

 Braúna - Antwerp viewings:

- 15 November - 24 November (4pm CET)

Lucara Diamond Corp : Karowe mine

Karowe - Botswana only viewings:

- 26 November - 7 December (mixed) (4pm CET)

Mountain Province: Gahcho Kué mine

 Gahcho Kué - Antwerp viewings: 

- 28 September - 9 October (4pm CET)

- 31 October - 10 November (4pm CET)

- 5 December - 14 December (4pm CET)

Namakwa Diamonds: Kao mine

Kao - Antwerp viewings: 

- 18 September - 27 September (4pm CET)

- 13 November - 22 November (4pm CET)

Stornoway Diamonds: Renard mine

Renard - Antwerp viewings:

- 7 September - 20 September (4pm CET)

- 30 October - 9 November (4pm CET)

- 4 December - 13 December (4pm CET)

    * Subject to change

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